Embracing The Season

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I finally feel as though I am embracing the season. We brought home a sweet Noble Fir tree and adorned it with our best vintage ornaments and hand made lovelies. The lights glimmer in the cozy room and candlelight illuminates the dark afternoon. I found all of our artisan clay ornaments from our time in Eugene. I am so glad I made the decision all of those years ago to purchase a handful of Celtic crosses and wood nymph faces.

I even feel inspired to finish the handmade items that have been awaiting my attention. We also have family coming in from Hawaii and we can't wait to see all of their friendly faces! The rain we had yesterday left a sprinkling of snow atop our local mountains. What a treat it was to step outside in the crisp winter air and see snow overlooking our valley. I am anticipating time in our glistening, cozy cottage with family and friends.

I hope to fill our hearts and home with the light of the season. It feels good to have made it to this point. Just a few days ago I was feeling far away from this warm season, but I feel it warming in my heart. I hope you are feeling the warmth of the holiday season in your homes.


Frank said...

Thank you for bringing the Christmas Spirit home this year, my love!

Agent M. said...

Happy Day! You won!!!!

& lovely pictures, by the way!

please send your address to sakura_kitty_creatives@hotmail.com.

Thanks for playing & come again! :)