Revel In the Obvious

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I think I can say that of late, I have been experiencing a dark night of the soul. I have done my best to keep it to myself. Even my closest friend was surprised to hear my admission this weekend. I guess it is hard to say, "I feel blue." or the dreaded "D" word, could it be? Depressed? If only I were more on top of my game, maybe if I could just suck it up, then I could lighten up.

So instead of being ashamed, today, I will honestly state, "I am struggling." However, in spite of the struggles, I will pull on my yoga pants, take care of some paperwork, take a trip to the post office and hit the early yoga class. Because what I do know, is that I will feel better. I will smile and breathe a wee bit lighter. I know getting out of bed seems obvious, but today I will revel in the obvious!