Gloomy Days Of July

Friday, July 31, 2009

I am in no way complaining. The mornings are cool and silver. The garden seems delighted in the relief from the dogged days of summer, relieved that they must not steel themselves for a grueling twelve or thirteen hours of searing heat. It is even easy to do the daily work. The afternoons are hot and dry and windless, perfect for an afternoon rest in  a dark, cool room.

Things Are Shifting

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moon and sun are busy dancing. The tide has turned in our home. There has been lots of sorting and assessing of our material possessions. I am sure I have fewer things than some, but I am certainly no renunciate. The boxes are piling up, the donations to Goodwill grow like black, shining blobs filled with could have beens and what use to be. It feels good to let go, to toss the old clothes of a life that has been transformed. My daughter and I are sifting together, sorting through all of our time together, deciding together which items have value. It is funny, the items that had tremendous value are now tossed on the growing heap with nary a thought of remorse.

The closets are sighing from relief. The drawers are sitting taller in their runners, relieved of the burden of too many socks. There are small piles here and there that have yet to find a home, but it looks as though space is opening up.

I think we are both trying to forget that she is moving away...

All Quietly Grows

Monday, July 27, 2009

The last few weeks have been in preparation for many great shifts. All of the minute details add up to the days of a life. 

The garden grows. The flowers fruit. They greens grow tall, reaching into the heat of the air, stretching, striving. 

The puppy grows, fuller and rounder. Yet her face is overcome with new angles and deep, brown eyed glances.

The children grow. Apartments are rented, winter clothes are being packed. She grew tall, she reached her hands high into the heat of the air, stretching, striving. Her face grew round and sweet, but is now filled with new angles.

All quietly grows.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

I found this over at Geek Betty. Would love to hear your answers! Copy and paste questions into comments section...

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12. Biggest fear:
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