Flowers, Fruit, Cool Water and a Wish

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend has come to a close and December is upon us. The weekend was lovely, there is nothing like time to enhance the time we have together. I especially love the feeling of thinking it is Sunday when it is really only Saturday. We spent a leisurely morning browsing through thrift stores and tending to household chores. When Saturday afternoon arrived, it felt as though I had all the time in the world with those I love. As much as I love Sunday afternoon, there is nothing like the feeling that we all have one more day together.

 I just purchased a beautiful camera strap from Emily Falconbridge's Etsy store. If I could take a photo of it, I would. Unfortunately, it is attached to my camera and thus difficult to document. You will have to trust me, it has enlivened my photo taking bug. I have been snapping lots of shots around the house. My blueness has forced me to take a good look around, weigh the aspects of my life and find the most valued of my treasures.
I am surrounded by so many. I live in a teeny tiny house. I joke that it is a French country house, and actually, it feels like one. It is blessed with a lovely yard, perfect for a garden, fruit trees and lounging about. My favorite pastime is embroidering the leaves of the various plants in the garden. I will share photos soon.
I have always appreciated my wee home and the shelter it has offered, but just recently I am able to embrace even the simplest of details. It is cozy and cost effective and forces my family to learn to live together, did I mention there are no doors? Well, there is a front door and a back door, and a bathroom door. Otherwise, thin veils of green curtain separate us from each other when we slumber. 
It is a simple dwelling, but as I look about from my camera lens, I find that blessings abound in every corner. So today, I greeted the day with flowers, fruit, cool water and a wish.