Afternoon Tea And Other Delights

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The gap between Christmas and the coming of the New Year has been quiet and filled with family and friends. We have been enjoying time together, playing with our new Christmas toys like a new camera flash and photo printer. There are new phones and surprisingly, a new remote control car and helicopter my 15 year old LOVES. I love that. Thank you notes have been written and posted and the house still glows in the evenings with candle light and twinkle lights. I have resumed some handwork and sewing and always find it so relaxing to keep my fingers nimble and create new pretties.

We are doing our best to avoid downtown Pasadena this time of year. The Rose Parade takes over our fair community and although it is fun and festive, it causes major traffic issues.

On this last day of 2008, I will go to the sea. This has been a year that has completely knocked me off center. I was seriously injured, I may no longer be working a job I thought I loved, I have lost a community and my reputation. Yet, the lessons remain. I think I can look upon this year with a certain amount of clarity, sometimes.

However, when I look around my home and the uncertain thoughts loom, I am greeted by a home filled with light and love. We had some surprise visitors on Sunday afternoon and I was able to set a lovely tea table with all of the sweets that have found their way into our pantry. As I look at this photo, I also realized that nearly every dish, cup, linen and votive were thrifted. The green floral juice glasses are a new addition. They set me back $2.95 for a set of nine. It is easy to enjoy life when it looks so pleasant.

I was up at 6am baking coconut cupcakes for a friend. We will go off to the shore, release our worries of the past year and contemplate the blessings this New Year has to offer, if only our eyes and hearts are open. We will feast on cupcakes and sea air. This morning I pulled out three Angel Cards. They read: Balance, Responsibility and Joy. I do not think I could argue with any of those blessings...

Blessings on this last day of the year and may your coming days be filled with love and beauty.

Happy New Year.


Frank said...

Happy New Year, my love! You do so much to make the holidays special for us all.