Thursday, December 11, 2008

I had been trying to snap a photo of twilight. I was trying to participate in a Shutter Sisters Challenge, but I was always cooking supper at twilight. I haven't really figured out the Shutter Sister website and want to be a part of it so badly! It kind of reminded me of Liz and her Twitter challenge. I promise I will figure it out this weekend.

Anyway, my family was delayed, supper was ready and warming in the oven so I took the opportunity to see what was happening in the night sky. I was able to capture the full moon and a wee bit of twilight. I have had my camera for a little while, but have avoided reading all of the instructions. I just keep shooting until I get it right.

Tonight, I got something right, I think. I had to delete several shots, but ended up with a few great photographs of tonight's stunning cosmic delights. There is something about the full moon and the nights surrounding the eventful eve.

When we lived in the country on the North Shore of Oahu, I would bathe in the concentrated moonlight streaming from the heavens. I felt enlivened by the stream of moonshine and always felt a special connection to the moon, especially as a woman. The tides and phases of the moon are said to have a profound effect on women and their bodies. I am so happy I have finally been able to capture it's form and the effect it has when shining in my yard and streaming through my bedroom window. I have been known to awake in the wee hours of the night to find moonshine on my face, turn my full face to the full face of Her Majesty, The Moon, and soak in the violet light.


Frank said...

Great pictures!