There Is A Chill In The Air

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life in Southern California forces one to experience the seasons inwardly. The external signs are subtle and sometimes easy to miss. For instance, now, one must remember to bring a light sweater in the evenings. You do not realize it is cold until you walk out into the night air, or have to run out to the car at 6:30 in the morning.

Often times, the sun begins to beat by 9am and the sweater is tossed away. Although red and green Christmas decorations have been in stores since before Halloween, one must remember, it is now December. It is up to you to recall that this is the season for turning inward. There is no great down pour of golden leaves, for the oranges are readying themselves for harvest. The wood burning stove does not begin to crackle and hot tea is really only needed in the early morning or late evening.

So, as I look out of the bedroom window at the oranges ripening in the dark green foliage, I must remind myself to reflect. To reflect on the summer sun and bring it into my heart, to warm my thoughts and being when the chill in the air greets me at dawn. 


Liz said...

Beautifully worded post.