Oh, How The Times Have Changed And Stayed The Same

Thursday, December 25, 2008

After years of sneaking around after the children were asleep, I actually filled their stockings while one of them was in the room. She was diplomatic enough  to keep her head turned. They are 18 and 15 now, so I feel a bit less guilty.  We have never been a materialistic Christmas kind of family. Each person got one or two small things they were yearning for and a few items of need. The stockings were stuffed to the gills with a piece of their favorite fruit, nuts, and a candy bar. 

The big booty came at their aunt's house. This is where the Gameboys, iPods and other gadgetry was won. We don't make lists here at home, but their aunt always requested one. It took me a few years to notice her selfless giving. Often times getting EVERYTHING on the list! I finally had to ask my children to be more conscious of their lists, I think they noticed she sometimes purchased everything too. My dear sister has always been aware that as a single mother of two, that funds were always limited. Certainly, my children did not NEED all she has given them over the years, but what they have witnessed what it means to give when you have the means to give.

I do not think it has made them materialistic or expectant. They are always very grateful and aware that giving comes in many forms. Here at home, we give more simply. At family gatherings, more elaborate gifts are showered upon the children. In the end, the heart force behind the giving is always the same.

This Christmas season, I am just so happy in our wee cottage. We have been blessed with time together and family nearby. The rain is falling out side my window, a cool, wet breeze wafts in from time to time. The Creme Brule French toast is soaking in the fridge and the breakfast table is waiting to be set. We have food enough for all, and love enough for all. There is nothing more to ask for this grey and wet morning.

Blessings of this holy season to all of you.