Winter Solstice

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Winter Solstice is upon us once again. I always love this transition most of all. It is quiet and silent and turns our heads and hearts to the core of winter. Although I am a summer baby and sun lover, and a Leo in all ways, the Winter Solstice touches me deeply.

I love the dark velvety night and the clear winter days. The bright blue of the winter sky warms me as I am bundled beneath my scarf and light sweater(sorry, it is Southern California.) I feel as though I can look far into the night sky and begin to see my year beginning to take form.

It is also the time of the Twelve Holy Nights. These nights fall between December 25 and January 5, just before the Epiphany. This is the time when the veil between us and the spiritual world is more transparent. I try to be open to the subtleties of my days and am very attentive to my dream life. The twelve nights are said to represent the twelve months of the coming year. If one writes down their nightly dreams, you may find a thread or theme. 

One year, I was very diligent about recording my dreams. At the beginning of each month, I would read my dreams from the Twelve Holy Nights. It was amazing how many themes began to manifest. It wasn't overt, but I felt as though I had a small guidepost for the year. It is also just nice to be open to these magical happenings of this special time of year.

I am being forced to re-imagine my life this Winter Solstice. I must find a clear path, or at least a visible path. I am going to embrace this sacred time, stare deep into the dark, velvet night and try to find my way. Happy Solstice and may the merry of the season fill your heart and home.