How Do I Tell Her?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How do I tell her it is all going to be okay? How do I tell her that a broken heart hurts, well, until it doesn't? How do I explain that this feeling of fear over change may just be the first of many? That living on this planet means we have to learn to look at ourselves with clear vision. We need to always, always see our part and then admit that the only control we have is our own reaction. How do I tell my 18 year old daughter, the one who has been the light of my life, that her change is my change? How do I tell her that I don't ever want her to leave, without sabotaging her destiny?

She has a future so bright and shiny. How do I help her to keep walking toward it, even when your heart hurts, even when your body hurts, even when it feels like your spirit is broken, or damaged? How do I tell her, that frankly my dear, this is what life feels like? There are joys and they seem fleeting, but in fact they are as long as the pain. It is just that the joy feels soooo good and the pain feels soooo bad.

How do I tell her that in fact, she is perfection, even in her pain, always in her joy? I suppose I can't really tell her, I guess I need to show her.


Agent M. said...

How lovely!

I think you just did tell her (all the words are there...) & showing her- well that's the best way, I'm sure!

She may not appreciate or understand what you're conveying here(yet- oh 18!), but she will, and it's fantastic she'll be able to read this again with a larger perspective.

How I admire Mom's and the things you go through with your girls. :)

Liz said...

She's such a beautiful girl, and one day she'll read this post and love you even more. :)