Monday, May 4, 2009

I ate our first raspberry this morning. It was sweet and delicious. I felt guilty not sharing it with the family, but it was one raspberry, just one. If I left it, a bird would have eaten it. Not that I begrudge the birds a bit of the garden. I always plant enough for them AND for us. But this little berry, it was so lovely hiding behind the now wild, green leaves.

My youngest is suffering from a terrible case of tonsillitis. I brewed a strong tea from oregano leaves from the herb garden. He was a trooper. It is tough stuff. Oregano is a great antiseptic and can knock nasty bacteria right out of you. He was able to take it by the spoonful, I just kept telling him to look at it as medicine, not tea. He is so miserable, he conceded. I love that we have these plants at the ready, that we trust them and acknowledge their power. I will take him to the doctor, just to be sure. However, we will continue with the oregano and echinacea tea and sea salt and sage gargle. In the meantime, I feel so lucky to be able to be caring for my boy-man. He will be 16 soon. He is over 6 feet and a tangle of arms, legs and bony knees and elbows. It is nice to be needed. 

The garden is watered, new seedlings are planted in the beds, laundry is hanging to dry on the line, and my boy is soundly sleeping, resting, healing. Blessings on your day!