Potting Bench

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My heart has been wanting a potting bench for an eternity. A place to store the garden tools, fertilizer and odds and ends. I am not in the position to spend a lot of money on luxuries of this sort. Besides, I love the thrill of a thrifted find. 

I have been scouting thrift stores for something that looks like a potting bench, but only costs $5. I found a thrift store that has a kind of scary back part. This is where they keep large furniture and stuff with damage. I found a large window frame yesterday for $2. I nailed it onto a raised bed so the tomatoes can climb up the frame.

I was feeling lucky, so I hit the thrift store again. I found two metal card tables and six pieces of pre-cut wood for $1 each. I also found a large wooden tool box for a steep $10. The last thing was a little pricey, but I knew I would use it. A nice gentleman loaded it into my car. Before I went home, I thought I would stop at the fabric store to see if they had any cute oilcloth by the yard. Well, they called something oilcloth, but IT WAS NOT oilcloth. I roamed about a bit more in the clearance section and found a small piece of outdoor fabric that had been marked down from $9 a yard to $3 a yard.

I brought everything home and became inspired. I tied the fabric onto one of the tables with a bit of hemp twine. Then I nailed the six boards onto the tool box, forming shelves. I hammered nails into the boards and some leftover hooks from my picture hanging. I painted a little decoration on it and proceeded to hang up tools, baskets, etc.

The final price: $24

I still want some oilcloth, the fabric is pretty and rugged, but not so practical. Until I find it, I will water everything elsewhere.

I love repurposing. It makes me happy. It lights a fire in me. 


Terry Gallina said...

Hi Puanani,
Cool work table. I'm so glad we took advantage of the opportunity of me coming to your humble abode before I left to TX. Because every time you mention your garden, I have a clear visual. Seriously, every time you mention your home, I have a clear visual. I call it lucky. I call it my treasured moment.
Miss you...Love you

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Love the potting bench and your garden! So very beautiful! I really enjoy your blog! --Jackie

LRice60 said...

NIce job. I've been trying to get my husband to build me a potting bench from old deck wood. Now I can show him yours for inspiration. or better yet- you've shown me I can do it myself! Thank you.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love that you describe it as lighting your fire. I agree with my whole heart. And spending money isn't just about what you get at the cash register. It's about the thought and experience around it. Even my drive to get the bed was full of anticipation on whether it would work or not and the joy of finding it was perfect. I love that and wouldn't trade it for anything. It's a beautiful potting bench. I'll keep an eye out for some oil cloth for you too.

Puanani said...

I know, LRice60! I had been waiting for someone else to do it for me. It took one morning, a hammer, some hooks and lots of nails. It showed me how capable I actually am, you too!