The Day Merry Came

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I had dog trauma. Really bad dog trauma. When I was wee, I had to feed our large black dog. He was tied to a peach tree in the backyard. I brought out the food in a stainless steel bowl.  He was so excited that he began to jump on me. I was so startled that I froze, with the bowl still in my shaking hands. The dog began to run enthusiastic circles around me. Soon, my legs were wrapped with the rusty chain, I fell over, dog food flew high into the air. The dog dove for the flying food, trampling me in the process. Bad dog trauma.

A few years later, a stray found it's way to my door. This dog was white and small. If you looked up the word dog in the dictionary, this is the picture you would see. One day, after I had grown a bit attached, the neighbor's dog made it's into our yard. The two dogs became intimate. My father was furious. He did not want puppies. As soon as the dogs separated, my father put the dog in our amber colored LTD and drove her to the pound. The last thing I saw was her sweet white face looking at me, confused and sad. Bad dog trauma.

For much of my life, I kept my distance from dogs. Over time, I really had no use for them. I was cordial, but distant. Plus, there was NO WAY a dog would ever live in my house. As I aged, many of my girlfriends had dogs. I learned to tolerate them because I loved my friends, I still avoided contact though and never pet them.

My son on the other hand, loves animals, loves dogs. With my history, he was doomed. However, a few months ago, something happened. My heart began to melt. My dear friend's dog, Badger the Daschund was the first. He melted my heart. I was willing to pet him and even hold him. I played with him, I saw toys in stores and purchased them for him. I would invite my friend over and beg her to bring Badger. My Aunty's labradoodle was the next heart melter, Kihana, or Kiki, The Queen of Kailua. We spent many days playing catch and singing together in my Aunty's living room. I was a goner.

So with the newly opened heart, I was open to the possibility of having a pooch around. My son, The Dog Whisperer, was a Whisperer without a dog to whisper to... His Golden Birthday was fast approaching. For those of you who do not know, a Golden Birthday is the day you turn the age of your birth date. If you were born on the 12th, then your 12th birthday is your Golden Birthday. See? Well he was born on the 16th of May. He was turning 16 on the 16th, his one and only Golden Birthday, we only get one.

To celebrate this once in a lifetime birthday, I knew this was the day his life long wish should be granted.  And so, Merry came. Merry the Beagle. She is as sweet as peaches and already follows my boy around like, well, like a puppy. She has not barked once, and whined the slightest bit last night from exhaustion. We heard nary a peep from her last night and is taking to relieving herself out of doors. I am so glad she is here. My boy is so glad she is here. My daughter, not so much. Her heart will open, any day now.

A Boy and his Dog. Is there anything better than a Boy and his Dog?


Frank said...

Best dog EVER!

LRice60 said...

What a darling puppy for a darling boy. I know how dog trauma can be- my mom was bit by a German Shepherd- but you are such a wonderful mom for making your son's wish come true!

Anonymous said...

Look into the light. Follow the light. Cross over!

(Kiki's sister Aiya!... typed by her mama, Wainani :-)

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for sharing the photos. My nephew is really growing up, and Merry is precious! I wish I could remember my golden birthday, but I was only 1 year old at the time. ;-)