Puppy Head

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I think I have Puppy Head. I have had Pregnant Head. I have had Newborn Baby Head. I have even had Two Toddlers Under Three Head. I have never had Puppy Head. Let me tell you, they are all very similar. The first few days with the puppy, I could not wait for SOMEONE to come home to relieve me. Every time I turn around, the puppy needs love, or food, or to play, or dashes out of the yard.

She was very sweet the first few days. She played in the garden as I tended the newly sprouting plants, she would explore, chew on sticks, mulberries and herbs, and follow me around. Recently, she has discovered the joys of dashing out of the driveway, across the street and down the road. I am exhausted. Today, I felt badly leaving her at home in her crate, she was crying so pitifully.  I decided to take her with me to run some errands. while I was at the ATM machine for FIVE SECONDS, she pooped in the car. Granted, she was probably scared. But SHE POOPED IN THE CAR. Plus, she got it all over the place. When we got home, I cleaned up the car, gave her a little loving because I felt badly that she was scared in the car and put her in the crate. I had an appointment. Did I mention? Our little Beagle has learned to HOWL, like a Beagle. HOWL. I put on a some Beethoven, to soothe our wild beast. When I came home about 40 minutes later, she was howling. I have a feeling she was howling the entire time.

I scooped her up and brought her in the garden where she proceeded to run away... As soon as my son returned home, I handed him the leash. I simply had to put her on the leash. She did not like losing her freedom in the garden, but I was spent. I have feeling she will be spending more time in her pen or on a leash when out of doors. Rascally Beagle. She is still sweet and funny and fun to snuggle with, I have to remember this when I am grumpy about her. Plus, she is an excellent model. Those are plenty of good qualities, plus, she kind of makes us all a bit happier.  
Today, while visiting with a friend, she had to remind me three times what I was talking about. I just forgot, mid-sentence. I certainly have a bad case of Puppy Head. however, just like Newborn Baby Head, it is wonderful and exhilarating and makes me feel as though the life is pulsing through me. It is wonderful and exhausting. Plus, she is REALLY cute...


Frank said...

She's a very bright puppy and very easy to train. I know it doesn't seem easy, but believe me, she'll be worth the effort.

bettythegeek said...

awww she's so adorable though!