Mulberry Tree

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I saved this Mulberry tree. It hangs over from our neighbor's yard, it has large light green leaves and airy branches. In early spring, new red berries hang from it's new leaves. Now, each day, large purple mulberries drop to the ground all day long.

The neighbors put in a new concrete driveway and were afraid the berries would discolor their $20,000 driveway. I was aghast. "You can't tear down the Mulberry Tree. Mulberry Trees are sacred!" I felt like the Lorax, and not for the first time in my life. Resident tree hugger at your service. I continued, "Did you know that in Ancient China, you could be put TO DEATH for attempting to sneak a Mulberry tree out of the country? So dear was the silk trade." I prayed to the tree's being, yes, yes I did. I prayed. The neighbors left the tree. Hallelujah! 

So now each morning I collect the precious fruit. I have stretched out a blanket to collect the fruit. I have my children bend down and collect them, as my back is still unable to do that kind of work. I just have a deeper appreciation for these berries this year. In years past, we would eat one now and then, or pick a few off the branches or from the ground. However, in celebration of the tree's life, we are in full Mulberry Harvest. We try to get every last juicy berry from shrub and garden bed.

This morning, the wild parrots that fill our skies, were chatting happily and feasting mightily on the berries hanging from the highest branches. Thank you dear birds, for helping with the harvest. Thank you for attracting the neighborhood cats, for they keep the rodents at bay.

I plan on making something marvelous for Mother's Day. My mother and her sister will be here, as well as my eldest sister and a few friends. We will set an elegant table in the garden, with fresh mint tea, creme brulee french toast, fruit and something with Mulberries. Blessings on your day!


Christopher Guilfoil said...

You lead a charmed life. It is only through suffering that we find the way to beauty. Thanks for sharing what blesses you... now it blesses us.

all the best,
Chris G.