As The Sun Set On The Garden

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These are the happenings in the garden this cool May evening. We had just finished a supper of roasted sweet potatoes and lemon chicken. There was also a platter of Swiss Chard sauteed with garlic and herbs, all picked from the garden moments before they found their way into the cast iron skillet.

As we finished supper, I noticed the pink light of dusk. I wanted to share a few thrift store finds and show an updated photograph of Basil Buddha. I rushed outside with camera in tow. I shot the wooden plaque that reads, "There Is No Cure From Birth Or Death, Save To Enjoy The Interval." It was 30% off $7, whatever that came to... Next is this silly stool that was $1. It seems to match this sea foam blue planter, they are already fast friends. I also found this chandelier for a steal. I originally purchased it for my Art Studio, but that has not manifested itself yet, so I hung it in the plum tree. I also found this tin of tulips. It too was 30% off, but it was only $3 to begin with, have I mentioned how much it tickles me when a thrift store has a sale? 

After I shot all of the new treasures, the light was still magical and pink, so I shouted into the house for my girl to come out and pose for me. She was the sweetest treasure in the garden this evening. See for yourself. Treasures, pink dusk, growing plants and sweet smiles. Blessings.


Frank said...

There were TWO treasures in the garden this evening--the girl and my lady love (you!). I must say that the garden is coming together quite splendidly since you arrived back home...and that chard was delicious!

Launi said...

What a beautiful world you have--thanks for sharing it.

Kathy Vanillo said...

Beautiful! Panchy (of course-wow!), the garden, the photos, the words, you - everything!

I am not sure if I mentioned that I "outed" your blog to several former classmates. They are following and enjoying.

Love you,

Kristin Lea said...

I totally love your basil Buddha and I am jealous of how it seems to be exploding!
What a great idea, taking pictures at dusk, that is such a beautiful time of day to capture so many lovely things!