Mint Tea

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The mint patch is exploding! There is spearmint, peppermint, pineapple mint and chocolate mint. We have been enjoying fresh mint tea every day.

I just grab a handful of assorted mint from the patch, four or five large sprigs. I wash them outside so any critters stay outside. I tie the sprigs together with a bit of twine and hang them in a pitcher. I pour boiling water over the mint and let steep for a long while. While the water is still hot, I mix in a bit of raw honey. You could skip this step, but raw honey has many healing properties and it gives the tea a full taste.

We drink it iced, as it has been warm here in Southern California. It is also great hot. I usually take the pitcher outside so I can refill my glass as I enjoy the garden. Try it, it soothes the tummy and tastes delicious! Blessing on your day...


Circe said...

Ah, that sounds so delicioius! And refreshing... My mint patch somehow relocated from the giant tub on my deck, down into the yard! It's a mystery how, though squirrels are likely the culprits. (?) I really need to catch up with you... I've just been pulled in so many directions, I feel like a phylo dough! I did read your post about some lurkers-- creepy! I'll need to find some time to read back...

Blessings to you, dear.


Christopher Guilfoil said...

I am inspired. Chocolate mint!! I planted new rose bushes recently and all the hanging planters are now full and there to greet passers by. We still have tulips blooming... a whole month later than "usual."

All the best!

Kristin Lea said...

What a great verb to describe mint, "exploded!" My mint bed has sprung back from the brink of death and just exploded!
Oh! And! My Lavender is about to blossom! I am sooooo excited!