Basil Buddha

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I found this lovely Buddha at a store in Kailua named Bali Boo. My cousin purchased a beautiful stone mermaid fountain she calls "Esmeralda." I found this sweet Buddha upon a dusty shelf. I had to bring him home, he was even half off! 

I placed him in the basil pot and since then, have been lovingly referring to him as Basil Buddha. He meditates in quiet fashion, watching over the garden, a peaceful look upon his face. Now, I am not sure if there truly is an incarnation of the Buddha that involves basil, but there is one here, in this garden.

The other day I walked outside to find this precious sight. Three lady bugs atop Basil Buddha's topknot. So sweet. The lady bugs have since flown away, hopefully feasting on aphids upon one of the tomato plants! Yet, Basil Buddha remains, meditating deeply on the glories of growing one's own food and living for the simple pleasures of life. Watching the clothes blow upon the line, listening to the radish plump deep in the soil and tending the growing basil, thank you, Basil Buddha, for all you do.


Circe said...

Oh, he is so sweet, and tranquil in the basil. I thought the ladybugs looked like pomagranate seeds, and then thought perhaps this Buddha has topknot accoutrements... but good golly, good luck ladybugs are better!

Thank you for having me on your bloglist! I didn't realize, since it doesn't show on my "followers".



PeacefulWmn9 said...

The lady bugs look like tine red jewels on his head. I have a garden angel in my flower bed, and there is a small chipmunk who love to sit atop her head. It looks like she is wearing a fur hat...with a tail.

Peace to you,

Kristin Lea said...

I totally thought about your basil buda seems like my basil is quite boring compared to yours!