Spring Rain

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, the wind began to blow, gently at first, then with great gusts. I could see the Maple leaves thrashing outside my window and the unmistakable sound of wind and leaves and branches meeting. The winds brought rain and black night skies, I smiled to myself as I thought of the seedlings and young plantings in the garden. I planted another two rows of corn last night before the wind blew too hard. What a gift for the dried corn, tucked in the dark earth, the rain. I don't have high hopes for the corn, the most I am hoping for is the drama of the tall stalks bowing gracefully in the beds. I will not complain if we have sweet ears of yellow corn come August, I am just trying to be realistic. 

I will leaving for the lush island of Oahu tomorrow. A bit of alone time, time to finish healing and to prepare for what is ahead of me. What that is, I am unsure. I feel as though I need a little tender care of my own. In some ways, I am afraid of the isolation, but I do look forward to rediscovering my strength and fire for life. I have been dampened by the events of this last year. My self-confidence and inner resolve are at an all time low. I intend to soak in the strong sun, the trade winds and saltwater, feed my soul with quiet reflection.

I am unsure whether I will lug the computer with me, if I do, you will be hearing from me.  


Frank said...

When you come home from your respite, I'll be here waiting for you. I have a strong feeling that this trip to your ancestral home will be a healing experience for you. I wish I could go along, but you have some important work to do.

Kristin Lea said...

first of all: I am jealous that your lavender plants bloom, for some reason mine never do.
second, I hope you find the health and healing that you are seeking.

Liz said...

What a beautiful picture! And I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip.