From The Islands

Monday, April 13, 2009

Unfortunately, there are no photos to share. I promise to have some tomorrow. I have been spending my days practicing yoga, reading and surrounding myself with family. There have been long naps, and deep night sleeps, lulled to slumber by the mighty trade winds and rainy skies. I have not even dipped into the ocean as of yet. Tomorrow, for sure.

I am sewing and quilting and embroidering my fingers stiff. Playing with dogs and wee ones, braiding hair, sharing french fries and milk shakes, dying eggs and baking cookies for Easter baskets.

There have been many meals shared with loved ones and outings, here and there. Mostly, I am sticking close to home. Close to my heart.



Frank said...

Missing you much, my lady, but I'm glad you are having a nice time.

Terry Gallina said...

Home is a special place. I'm glad you have found some comfort.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

It's seems no matter how old we are there's no place like home. Good to hear you are enjoying all the comforts of it. --Jackie