The Reprieve

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In the long days, my one reprieve is cooking for my family.  As much as I love this cottage, you do not want to turn on the oven if it is remotely warm outside. On the other hand, a cold, rainy day is the perfect time to crank the oven up for some homemade bread or biscuits.  On Friday evening, the rain was pouring down in massive sheets. Instead of driving in the inclement weather, I used what we had on hand. 

I was able to clean the vegetable bins and use up bits of this and that. There was celery, tomatoes, potatoes, one carrot and tons of cilantro.  After I carmelized one onion, I added brown lentils and barley, and a pot of steaming soup was born. I even ducked out in the rain to fetch fresh sage and rosemary from the garden to season the pot.

I was not up for baking a bread that needed to rise, so I whipped up a batch of dill biscuits. All of the tools for making the biscuits were thrifted for their charm, but I have found them all very useful. One tool is a metal butter cutter. You simply place it over the stick of cold butter and you get equally sliced pats of butter. This works perfectly for pie crusts and other pastries! Who knew? I never even knew something like this existed. 

When my love arrived home from the soggy Los Angeles freeway, a bowl of hot soup and warm biscuits and butter met him at the door. We ate together in the glow of candlelight. Our bellies full and our souls nourished in each other's company.


Kristin Lea said...

I dunno about dill biscuits, but I sure do love buttermilk biscuits!! My sweet Chad makes an awesome batch of biscuits! They recently nursed me through the flu!

Frank said...

Dill biscuits sounded weird to me, too, but they are really delicious! The dill flavor was very subtle. I want them again!

Circe said...

That looks so good! If I weren't thousands of miles away, and if that meal weren't well over, I'd be on my way to ask for some! ;)

I love dill biscuits, and dill bread, too! And cilantro in stew...mmm.

Aren't those the best meals, the serendipitous ones? That stretch the pantry and creativity, too? Good for the soul...

You go, girl!


Christopher Guilfoil said...

Those pictures make me want to get one of those old flour blending tools! I see them all the time at flea markets and will now buy the next one I bump into.

Thanks for taking the time to share what your imagination put together. I'm inspired.