The Garden Gnome

Friday, February 27, 2009

He watches over the seedlings

With a gloomy, sober stare,
His hat a deep, apple red.

Under his old and watchful eye
The seedlings make their way,
Seeking the sun, bursting.

Awaiting inside the seed, the gnome protects
Our summer bounty.
Thank you, Garden Gnome.
You will always have a place
In our humble garden abode.


Kristin Lea said...

Are those the copper signs that you can write on? I saw Martha demonstrate how to use them. I fantasize about perfectly beautiful beds with these copper signs and an organic looking pathway of rock, that I collected from the creek bottom and tekki-torches lite to give off a warm summer glow. *sigh* I have spring fever-bad!

Kristin Lea said...

Well, that is an awesome purchase. I love it when I find something amazing on sale, it's such a proud moment, really.