Friday, February 6, 2009

Puddles In Asphalt: Canon Rebel XT

Through The Looking Glass: Canon Rebel XT

The rain has come and washed the dust off of our fair town. The trees are sparkling a myriad of velvety greens, the blue sky has peeked out behind the clouds here and there. The sun, taking full advantage of it's limited time is lighting up the silver linings of the full rain clouds. A pink tint is shooting across the yard and the garden is brimming over with life and liquid. A few birds are pecking at the grass in earnest. I knew they were anticipating a feast, they bounce quickly from place to place, small eyes watching for the neighborhood cats. Even my long camera lens is too slow for their spry feet.

I spent the day indoors, despite my love of walking in the rain. My spirit remains damp and cold. I have never wanted so much to be inside, away from nature. A part of my heart longs to walk the damp streets with my camera, but I prefer the comfort of our petite ch√Ęteau. The windows are wide open and I can feel the cold wind as I type. The rain is not finished. We will be lulled to sleep by another storm after dark, and most likely wake to a gray, wet morning. For now, I am content to watch the boughs of the tree outside my window bend to the disappearing day, pink and violet clouds teasing the looming blackened rain clouds with their gaiety and mirth. I breathe deep, my nostrils, lungs and body fill with freshly washed air. I exhale.


Circe said...

So very lovely... and I love your posts; I've decided to follow, I hope that's ok! I am fine if you would rather I not... Feel free to let me know.


Puanani said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Thank you.