Look What The Rains Have Brought

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flowers, fruit, fresh linens and new buds. I know spring has not officially sprung, but in Southern California, the oranges are ripe, the avocados are dropping from the trees and the flowers are blooming in celebration of the last few weeks of rain! 

There are bright, fresh linens are on the beds and lavender pillows to soothe our sleep. I hate that the weather is so connected to my mood. It has been easier to rise, even in the gray, cloudy morning. There are seedlings to tend to and garden beds to plan. New life is bursting forth throughout the neighborhood, pink blossoms popping out of winter's stark branches, tender green leaves, quietly peeking out of the dormant, brown arms. I smile as I go about my errands and daily activities. The earth is awakening from her slumber. I am stunned by the energy that must be put in motion to create the world anew.  It is as if the earth trembles from all the pushing and budding and flowering. If we could sit in silence, I wonder if we could hear the buds popping, the leaves pushing through the wood?

What is new in us in the spring? What buds and new green shoots are emerging from our stiff and stark branches? What has wintered inside our hearts? Let us find our spring heart  blossoms, let us be still and listen to our budding and blossoming.  


janet said...

The sachet looks great, if I do say so myself. I'm happy to see it's found a new home on your bed. Hope you have many sweet dreams :)

linnea said...

Aww, what peaceful and lovely pictures :o) I'm so happy that Spring is getting here! Happy weekend.

Circe said...

I LOVE your cottage... and am a little jealous, miss my other home; California. California winter is like the longest spring to me... our springs here are so short, going almost right from sleet high heat... *sigh* Enjoy it, as you seem to be! And I will enjoy your pictures, and the promise of whatever spring is coming to us here...