Afternoon in the Garden

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I spent the late afternoon in the garden, wandering, imagining and scheming. I am dreaming of new beds and new varieties of tomatoes to grow. I have been watching the sun to see where it shines the most, or find the spots where it misses, leaving the plants to coolness and shade. The compost needs tending and I think we need another bin. The garden must be ready to grow.

The mint bed needs to be refreshed and the weather is perfect for a few hours under the gentle February sun. The earth is damp from all the rain, primed for digging and moving and filling with new life. 


Kristin Lea said...

Garden time!! I love it, I can't wait to start on mine. But first, I must finish the living room (I promised My Chad...'only 1 big project at a time.' What kind of tomatoes do you plant? I tried brandywines last session and didn't get a single tomato. My Chad mentioned that heirlooms might not like the harsh Texas sun.