Thursday, March 5, 2009

I will use any excuse to wear my new wellies. We usually have little opportunity in Los Angeles to don rain gear. After living in the Pacific Northwest for many years, I know first hand the benefit of proper rain gear! It makes the wetness, not only more tolerable, but more fun. I found these wellies in a thrift store for $3. They were half off! I LOVE half off sales at thrift stores. I feel like I am getting away with something.

I purchased these wellies with the hope of a winter of life giving rain. My prayers have been answered, we have had much rain, it has kept the mountains green and the sky clean. Not an easy feat here in the City of Angels and our need to drive alone along crowded highways and byways. After a weekend of 80 degree temperatures and hot sunshine, Wednesday arrived with a torrent of rain. It spoiled a trip to the ocean, but I used it as an opportunity to pull on my wellies and my black macintosh   and headed out to enjoy the weather. It was nice to be cold, to have the cool, gray air kissing my cheeks and blowing my hair loose from my hair tie. It felt good to button up my coat to guard against a chill. It did not last long. The rain blew out late last night. The morning dawned with bright blue skies and ice cream cone clouds. There was a cleansing wind throughout the day that whispered, "Spring is upon us. Spring is upon us."

Tomorrow I will plant more seedlings and draw a plan for a new garden bed. In the hot, dog days of summer, I will recall splashing in my wellies along the damp ground, and hopefully be cooled by a sweet, damp memory. Spring is upon us! Spring is upon us!


Terry Gallina said...

Miss you, love you...I found you. I've been musing and enjoying your writings. I look forward to more posts. Your thoughts make me feel so close to "the city of Angeles". I feel connected and I needed that.
The kids are gorgeous and so are you. I hope we can talk soon.

Christopher Guilfoil said...

If your Wellies dry out there is still the red mud of your old Northwest to bring them back to life. Today I rode my bike along the bike path that leads through the wetlands - amazing. All is coming back to life; Wellies would have been fun to wade out and sing with the frogs and turtles who are proud to announce that Spring is back again!

Circe said...

Oh, I just love those! So chic! I've wanted some for some time now, but never committed...

I've never seen ones like those before!

... very cool.

Happy Spring!