Peaks and Valleys

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have been avoiding my thoughts by digging in the soil, planting vegetables, flowers and herbs. It has worked. Until today. Today, my heart is heavy and my limbs barely move. The garden calls to me. I ignore her. The phone rings. I ignore it.  The wind gently calls, but I can barely  hear it, I can't feel it. I guess this would be a valley. 

The days working the garden, hearing the wind, watching the plants grow, the sun penetrating my skin; this would be a peak. Today is not a peak day. 

Maybe tomorrow will be a peak day. Maybe the next valley is so far in the distance that I can't even see it. Let's hope.

So I finally forced myself outside. Do you know what my biggest problem is right now? I can't pick all of the pansies and freesias fast enough. There are vases of flowers in almost every room. It would appear that my valley certainly has a few peaks... 


Kristin Lea said...

I am so jealous of your established garden, and you flowers that run a muck! I cant wait til the day that my beds are fertile and my garden is thriving!

Terry Gallina said...

Our Spring in the south will be here soon. This morning we had another freezing temperature. The ground is moist and cold and our winter flowers are still in bloom. Some of the tree's buds have opened but we are still waiting for our red leaf maple to wake up. Our grass is still more dormant than not. I definitely see spring trying to make its presence.
You always helped me focus on the simple things in life. You've inspired me to plant my herb garden that I so envy. And, I will put some color in my front garden.
Your pictures are stunning. What a great accomplishment. I wish we were neighbors.
I said a prayer to help us embrace our valleys and save some laughs when we're celebrating our peaks.