Pretty Tins

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have been amassing these darling tins on my thrift store excursions. I can't resist a really spectacular tin. I use them for storing buttons, bobbins, threads and other sweet things. I keep imagining them in my studio. The one I do not have as of yet, but will one day soon. I keep envisioning the color of the walls, the neat stacks of vintage fabric, an easel, paints and brushes out and ready. There will be a table for cutting and creating, the sewing machine, and all of my "found" things that I incorporate into my art.

Upon the neatly lined shelves, will be these tins, filled to the brims with notions and snaps, buttons and baubles. I see you, studio space, come hither. I am waiting...

This is the 99th post. The weather has been spectacular, so I have had my hands elbow deep in earth all day. The 100th post give away is coming soon. I just need to wash off my hands. I smell like compost. Yum!


Circe said...

Those are gorgeous! I, too, love tins! The third picture down with 2 of the same? I had that growing up! Few of mine are as vibrant or vintage as yours... sigh.

I can't wait to see your 100th post!

I have tagged you, by the way... I hope you'll play! It can wait until after your unveiling...

(Better get to bed; hopefully I can start the week with a sane sleeping schedule! Oops- did the week already start...? ;)