100th Post Giveaway!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So, I finally found a moment to get out of the garden and take a photo of the GIVEAWAY gift. It is a vintage hankie, hand embroidered with a quote from "A Street Car Named Desire."  I have been using my time in doctor's waiting rooms to hone my stitchin' skills. 

As a gift to all of you that have been visiting me and encouraging me in this deep transition, I want to say thanks. Thank you  for your comments and sweet words, they are all taken in and warmed in my heart. 

Leave a comment about a magic moment in your life. I will announce the winner next week, Thursday! Good luck!


Circe said...

Wow! Cool! Now let me think...

Terry Gallina said...

Love the hankie and the movie. Magic moment...I wish there was more magic in my life. Sometimes I wish I could blink my eyes and poof "all done". Now that you got me thinking. I do work hard to make things happen. Maybe it's my magic why I am.
Girl you really got me thinking. There are so many magical moments I can share but I don't want this to get deep. I want this blog to be about you and me. Just the fact that we can still share our life's moments is magic. I'm sitting here watching my newly bought Gladiolus open before my eyes, that's magic.
I may just continue with my thoughts later since I have until next week to post. Thanks for the thought and good night.

Kathy Vanillo said...

I have never thought of Jacob's cancer dignosis as a "magic moment" but it did provide us with a journey that continues to include many such moments.

We met amazing, dedicated doctors and nurses and even more incredible families. Some of my most vivid memories are of bald pediatric patients tethered to IV poles running up and down the hallways of City of Hope while laughing.
Thank you for making me think about the experience in these terms. Watching my 12-year-old kick cancer in the ass was truly magical.