The Wolf Moon

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We have been enjoying the full moon and how close it is to us the past few nights. This is often called the Wolf Moon, as this is the time of year when the wolves would gather outside the villages and howl at the moon. The wolves are silent here in the City of Angels these days and rarely travel in packs. However, I am still moved by the close proximity of the favorite of my celestial bodies. 

As women, we are closely linked to the moon and the effect it has on our bodies. When our cycles are off, you can leave a jar of water out in the full moon light. The next day, bring it in and take a sip of it everyday. I know it sounds loony, but it really does help connect us to the cosmos. To ignore our connection to the dome above us is to break our connection to nature. When my daughter was young we spent many days along the banks of the Williamette River and the shores of the Pacific Ocean. I always felt that the watery connection helped to bring us closer together. As women, it is important to embrace our connections to the natural world, it is these elements that strengthen us and keep our inner core bright and shining into the world.

I watched as the moon was rising from my bed last night. My heart felt heavy as I knew the moon would be making it's way away from the earth and would not swing this close for an entire year. As I began to live into the sadness, I gathered myself together, gazed at the night sky and tried to take in the powers of the moon and hold it to me, to take with me through the year. I hope to tap into this reserve when my womanhood feels threatened or weak. I hope to carry this violet light in my heart as I deal with friends and loved ones, strangers and those who wish ill of me and others.