Joan de Arc

Friday, January 16, 2009

This is one of the last paintings I completed. I have had torn feelings about it. Did Joan succumb to the flames or did she transcend the flames? I feel as though I need to answer this question to find some peace in the turmoil of my own life. 

I would like to think that Joan walked out of the flames. Not physically, but spiritually. In the end, aren't the transformations we make spiritually even more important than the physical transformations? What is the mood we end up carrying with us through the rest of our days? If we transcend the flames instead of just physically walking out of the flames maybe we are less likely to walk into the flames again? Perhaps, we can put the lesson behind us. Hopefully we do not have to keep circling back around and repeating the same lesson.

So I think I believe that Joan walked out of the flames physically and spiritually. She was pretty clear about her intentions. She remained very focused throughout her ordeal. 

I just read that Joan was born on The Epiphany. Coincidence? I think not...Time to walk out of the flames.