Jam Pot

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A few Sundays ago, we were driving along Colorado Boulevard. As we passed the large parking lot of the community college, I noticed that it was filled with vendors. We have lived in Southern California for some time now and we are in close proximity to two large flea markets. I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market the first year we lived here. Although it was fun and I found a few nice items, the crowds put me off. 

I avoid traffic at all costs. I deplore driving around looking for a spot to park. Even being of simple means, I will pay for parking in a big city or at a large shopping center before roaming the slow moving aisles of the asphalt parking lot. 

So, back to our Sunday drive. I screamed in the car, "A flea market! Stop!" My sweetheart, always accommodating and willing to put my desires before his, DID NOT STOP! "Turn around, please..." I begged. He looked at me quizzically and asked if I was serious. Was I SERIOUS? Of course I was serious. Sheesh.

So we maneuvered our way back to the side street along the flea market. There was a parking spot right across the street. I always take this as a sign that I am supposed to be there. I used this method at a cute clothing boutique in Old Town Pasadena. It is a traffic and parking nightmare there most of the time. If I drove past the boutique and there was a parking spot in front, or near the shop, it was a good omen and permission to shop and purchase an item that day. This method worked many times and I have a closet filled with lovely linen skirts and blouses to prove this theory.

My sweetheart expertly parked the car and we made our way into the flea market. It was the perfect day to be wandering about outside. It had rained the day before, so the air was crisp and clear. The San Gabriel Mountains loomed overhead, sparkling from their shower, there was even a bit of snow on the tip top of the highest peak. We enjoyed wandering around and looking at all of the treasures. This was the day when I had to vow to no longer buy vintage linens. It was difficult, but I didn't even look at overflowing piles of vintage linens. Really. I was very proud of myself.

I did find some inexpensive silver cutlery with Bakelite handles, an iron doorstop and a beautiful etching of Jacob's Ladder. I had been looking for a painting to hang in an empty spot in the living room. My favorite find of the day was the jam jar... It was an afterthought. I saw it after I purchased a few silver spoons from a table laden with items. It was $5 AND  it was half off. Half off! 

At the end of the day, and having spent only $25, we made our way to the car. These are the days I treasure. It has been difficult lately, lonely and isolating of late. I live for the days when the children are home and my sweetheart is home. I forget about the days alone, I forget about the emotional burdens I have been trying to release. Every time I look at this jam jar on the sill, or when I scoop jam onto toast, I am able to remember that some days, have sunshine.