Monday, June 22, 2009

I always feel as though I do not celebrate the passing seasons as much as I should or could. There was no naked dancing to honor the Solstice, no special ritual. So, between laundry and dishes and walking the dog, I tried to be aware of the evening. I tried to smell the last sweet smell of spring. The sky was violet and filled with luminous clouds. The birds were busy finding their nests and the garden sat in repose, readying for the heat of July.  This morning, the first morning of summer, dawned with bright light and a cool reminder of spring. As the sun climbs, I am sure it will increase in intensity. 

I feel a bit of relief this summer morning. Graduations are behind us. Celebrations are behind us. I can look forward to all of the newness that is before us. New steps in new directions. May they be light and free of past turmoil. Release, I crave release.


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