There Is Something In The Air

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kwan Yin Temple
Honolulu, Hawaii
My family's temple...

There is something in the air today. A scent of hope, cool and sweet. We have had June Gloom here in Southern California lately. It is a grey marine layer that sits in the valley. Sometimes there is a misty rain, but mainly it is just cool and dark. In the afternoon, the sun gathers it's strength and shines throughout the late afternoon and evening. 

This morning, there was a slight haze and white mist along the foothills. However, the sun pushed through early this morning. The breeze is still reminiscent of the mist, gentle, cool, sweet and light. The garden is twinkling and weaving in the glory of a new day.

The house is clean and quiet and I am settling in to finish an embroidery project for a bridal shower on Sunday. A few words of Hafiz, my favorite, on a hanky...

What sweetness is touching your skin this fine summer morn?