And So It Goes...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The time continues to pass, whether I am fully present or not. It has been 18 years of lessons, love and laughs. There have been tears, but all those tears made the joys sweet and moist and juicy. I can remember holding her for the first time. It was then I realized that pregnancy does not prepare you to be a mother. It only prepares you to be pregnant. The mother thing, well, that is an entirely new journey. 

I know I have many more years of being her mother, but this time, this mothering time...has come to an end. The great thing is, I got to fix her hair, just like on her first day of school so many years ago. I am so lucky. Really lucky.


Circe said...

No no no... oh you made me cry.

It doesn't go, not completely, because it just can't! What a lovely beauty, just like her mother. You will contintue to mother. You are necessary as who and what you are to her. Things change, but not unrecognizably. The real rift is to have a mother, a daughter, and then not to. You still have each other, though the change in your interdependence brings up bittersweet feelings in the memories of the unquestioned simplicity of the bond you shared when she was younger. TRUST. Time leaves us all in the dust, I'm afraid. Just hold on! The dust settles...

She is lucky, too. Really lucky.

LOVE AND LIGHT sent your way, dearheart.