Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am grateful for his love. He loves me. He really loves me.
I am grateful for my darling daughter and her taste for vintage dresses.
I am grateful for this boy and his dog.
I am grateful for my camera and my backyard.
I am grateful for milky tea, pretty tea cups, fountain pens, sealing wax and handwritten letters on linen paper.
I am grateful that I sometimes make time to paint in the yard.
I am grateful for my time in India, so I could whip these up for supper!
I am grateful for these words. Hafiz fills me with giggles and sighs.
I am grateful for my clothesline and the sun that kisses our garments.
I am grateful for my vision, so that I may rest my eyes upon sights such as this.
I am grateful that I have a gift with fire, so that I can fill my family's bellies with food that is warm and whole and filled with love.
I am grateful for my bed. I love my bed. It has nursed me to health and offered me a soft place to rest while my dreams form in luscious pictures behind my sleeping eyes.

This little post is courtesy of Tara Whitney. I have been an admirer from afar for some time. She has inspired my photography and my enlivened me in ways I find hard to express. Denise is also guilty of this...But this post is inspired by Tara.

I have learned to embrace the gifts I have in front of me everyday. This is a mere spattering of all that fills my heart. I am grateful, for each and every day, for each small gift that comes to me. I am very fortunate, very fortunate indeed


Christopher Guilfoil said...

How lovely! You are still a teacher at heart... all educational forces begin with gratitude and can only build upon its foundation.

" But we can give the children a moral training. We start, in the teaching of morality, from the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude is a definite moral experience in relation to our fellow men. Sentiments and notions which do not spring from gratitude will lead at most to abstract precepts as regards morality. But everything can come from gratitude. Thus, from gratitude we develop the capacity for love and the feeling for duty. And in this way morality leads on..." Rudolf Steiner.

Thanks for sharing those photos and ideas! Chris

Anonymous said...

phYour blog is just so pretty--I love all the colors and pictures!