A Winter Trip North

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I spent several years living in Seattle in the early 90's. It was still a little sleepy and the great influx of California natives had yet to arrive. I would take my wee ones on the ferry for a treat. No place to go, just enjoying being on the Puget Sound. Now the wee ones are grown and have little interest in hanging with their mom for too long...So, my love and I headed north.

Not a drop of rain, only clear skies and freezing temps. But, oh, the sunshine. Be still my winterized heart...


Circe said...

Hopefully winterized means happily acclimatized in this case! ;)

Oh, I am left with longing here... the Pacific Northwest is a place I've for years wanted to visit, and SOAK UP.

It is calling to me once again. Thank you!


And after the wintry blast, I have hot tea ready for you. Of course! xo

Run Lori Run said...

Hi again! Thanks for stopping by my blog again! I have you on my blogroll now so I'll be back. Good luck with things in your life right now. :)