Monday, January 24, 2011

Kwan-Yin in Her Winter Garden

To those who visit here for uplifting thoughts. I had a moment of, well, human-ness. So, I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings or scared you away. We will return to our regularly scheduled program: Grace. Healing. Hope.

Because that is what this space is meant to do... remind me that life is not as dark as I see it. That somewhere, deep below the charred remains of my former life, is the girl I know. The girl who is happy enough to have a breeze kiss my cheek.

So, please come back. Even you, H-1 and H-2. What you are seeing is how I want to view the world, it is my hope for a brighter future.


Circe said...

You have NOTHING to apologize for...
In this life within us, there is always an ebb & flow.

Peace Healing Joy to you.