Silk Screen

Friday, January 28, 2011

Something new.
A wee bit expensive.
But look at this.
I tea dyed them.
I will share photos after they are hung.

Thank you Susanna and Modern Domestic. Oh, and the clothes dryer is made from reclaimed bits of wood from the mills that would normally be burned or destroyed by a wood worker in Eugene. Manly found it here. You know what this means, right? Yep. The SUN WAS SHINING. The best part? I put a FREE sign on our old one, (which was still in working order, we just outgrew it) and set it on the lawn. Soon enough a kind gent happened by, boy child was mulching the Christmas Tree, saw them exchange a nod. Off went the gent with a new/old drying rack. Just in time for warmer weather. I know... I am just keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, did I mention? The fabric is from Goodwill. Pre-made canvas curtains from Target, their clearance stuff finds it's way to GW. The most expensive one? $4.99. Three of them were half off. Shout out to Miss Robyn! Love half off at the thrift store.