To The Sea and Back

Monday, November 17, 2008

Perhaps, I put too much hope into the sea and the effect it has always had upon me. Perhaps, I did not stay long enough at the shore. I felt as though I had to will my burdens into the silky waters. At one point, I was begging the sea to take my troubles. I left, hoping for the best. I have heard that the 40 year mark in one's life indicates, geographically, at least, you are as far away from the spiritual world as one can possibly be. A sad thought. Yet, this is how I have been feeling the last year or so. I consulted a person who has deeper connections to the spiritual realm than myself. She assured me, that even though I feel far away, all of my angels and helpers and guides, are there. It is just harder to hear what they are saying. This has been my experience. I ask, but the voices are whispered more softly, or maybe my head is so full of living and learning that I cannot hear over the din.

My resolve is to clean house. Not my sweet little French country house, but my real house. I suppose it is time to clear away the cobwebs of doubt and regret. I need to unearth the bright and shining treasures that have illuminated my life; the golden orbs that have propelled me thus far. Over the next few weeks, I will be scrubbing and sorting, resting when I need to. I will attempt to keep only that which is necessary. I feel as though I am off on an archaeological dig. I know there have been joys that have filled my soul, vistas that have brought me to tears and words filled with love and deep kindness. I can not wait to see them again.


Frank said...

Life is full of treasures...and you have many right under the roof of your tiny house.

Gatsby said...

Your post sounds like a poem from a Sufi poet named Hafiz. Good for you to be putting such a strong focus back in your life. The question comes of course, what music do you have to keep you so inspired? : )