Calling All Angels

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tomorrow I am in need of all angels. Every last one. I have heard that for the most part, angels sit around twiddling their thumbs, waiting for us humans to ask for help. So, here I am angels, asking for your assistance.

Please swoop in, like a flock of sweetly singing birds and fill my heart with calm and assurance. Let me me speak only truth, let only truth be the victor. Hover over each person involved and spread your golden, pink hue to our words, thoughts and decisions. Let me be brave and true, graceful and compassionate and open to the what the higher truth of this matter really is and should be. Calm my nerves and grant me articulation and justice, please, let their be justice.

 So, if you are not using your angel tomorrow between  8am-12pm, could you send them my way. I promise to be kind and send them right home. I will owe you, just call and I will send my angels your way one day too.

Thank you, angels. I will see you tomorrow.