A Simple Life

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

While in Carpinteria a few weeks ago, I found myself in my favorite antique shop. Just like thrift stores, I always get a little tickle, a foreshadowing that I may find something brilliant. On this occasion, I found a sweet vintage tablecloth. This is the same store in which I found an Asian print vintage tablecloth, which I think is kind of rare. I just had to have it, and I use it often.

As I was paying for the new, old tablecloth, the storekeeper asked if I used the tablecloths. I looked at her quizzically, 
"You mean, do I put them on the table?"
 "Well, yes. Do you just collect them, or do you use them?"
Of course I replied that I indeed use them, even with my 15 year old son in the house. I purchase them because they are lovely, because I like to look at them. It made me smile a little inside, that I did not find these beauties so rare that I could not put them on my family table. On the contrary, it is the sweetness and simplicity that attracts me to these little lovelies. 
I am careful with them, and launder them with care. I also hang them on the line. And do you know what? Every time I hang the tablecloths on the line, or any laundry for that matter, I always, always, look back and admire the cloth moving in the breeze. I love hanging laundry on the line. I love laundering and hanging lovely tablecloths that cover our family table. Of course I use them, these are the things that comprise a simple life...