Portland Is Mossy

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Rains Grow The Moss

Yes. It is true. This time of year, Portland, Oregon is really mossy. I think I even have a bit of moss growing behind my ears. I must admit, the move here to the great Pacific Northwest has been a challenge for this sun loving girl. I have been having a really hard time fitting in and finding friends. Not one. I have not found one friend in three years. Something is wrong. Or maybe we came here for My Great Hibernation? Who knows, but I am tired of being so sad about it. I am tired of mourning my life in Los Angeles and the loss of so many relationships I thought would last my lifetime. Yes, I am glad I am not friends with people who did mean things. Of course I am. It does not change how lonely I  have been or how the low, thick, grey clouds want me to scream at the sky, "Back the hell off, you low, thick grey sky. Just back off." I do say it sometimes when I am driving on one of the twelve bridges in this town, you are elevated, thus closer to said low hanging clouds!

I even abandoned this spot after it brought me so much love and encouragement. It was tainted. Lawyers were reading this blog for three years. They would print out pages and pages of this blog and bring them to court, trying to prove I was fine. That getting hurt on the job, then shunned by an entire school and community and left without any career prospects would leave me just fine. I wasn't fine. I am trying to be fine now, but it has been a long time of NOT fine. Recently, I have been approached by some serious health scares, you know, the kind that end in a really scary way? Well, those kind of health scares. So I have been very quiet. 

But it is time. Time to take my awesomeness back. I was kind of amazing back in the day, productive, busy, inspired, full of life forces. So without further ado, this space is now declared as the place where I show all of the awesome things I am able to do!

Here are two things I am doing...
 I started painting full time, here is what I am up to on Etsy!

Be well, friends and do good work.