Things I am Enjoying In The Sunlight

Saturday, June 25, 2011

There is this recipe I just stumbled upon. Homemade Nutter Butters. These happen to be my sweethearts favorite cookie, so I dove right in! This recipe is written in a smooth and easy fashion, making these many step cookies a breeze to make. While you are working on one section, the other is cooling, baking, etc. The only hitch I am having is with the dough. One should be able to roll it out, but I find it difficult, so I am going to have make a few more batches...Just to perfect it.

You can have Homemade Nutter Butters in about two hours. Danger, Will Robinson.

Then there is this sweet China Girl sucking her thumb. I simply could not leave her at the vintage store. She has been in the house for about four months now. The other day, the 18 year old man-boy was lounging on the couch-gangly legs and arms and elbows everywhere. He looks over at me and says, "Is that angel picking her nose??" Yes, sweetheart, that angel is picking her nose. Do angels pick their noses? Do angels even have noses? Questions for another day.

Our new favorite gin. Made right here in Oregon. It is pink, which I like. It is tasty, which we both like. This tonic water is mostly cute, and in glass, not plastic. I firmly believe that a good Gin and Tonic is the perfect summer cocktail. It is the alchemy of the gin that makes me giddy.

I had a little leftover paint from another painting project. Oh, and it was raining. Again. In summer. So I was inside painting. Instead of washing the paint down the drain, I livened up my very cheap hanging lamp...

Lots of time spent on the deck, soaking in the awaited sun...Have lovely summer day.

Peony Love

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have been awaiting her arrival with bated breath, and here she is! The Lovely Peony Blooms. We have had so little rain and so much sun, I am afraid to relax and believe that indeed summer may be arriving. But alas, when I opened my eyes just before the sun rise, I saw that sweet color of pink that calls forth a sunny day.

I am reveling in these details, for my focus is lost and I find I am coasting on a river of unknown. My heart still grieves for lost friendships and connection.

For today, I will inhale the sweetness of The Peony...

Any Portlanders out there interested in art classes for their wee ones, en plein air? I have a lovely deck, tons of supplies and lots to share.

Not Much But Rain

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yes, Memorial Day Weekend was filled with rain. Note the mud on the wellies, it came from trying to run out during nice bits and do some planting. And mowing. This perfect Pacific Northwest combination of rain and bits of sun make for super growing grass. I don't care much if the lawn is a bit overgrown, but all of our neighbors have tidy mow and blow lawns, so I figure I should play nice. The cold temperatures were softened with a little Beagle cuddling. But, Hark! She smells a squirrel...