World Domination Summit

Saturday, June 30, 2012

WDS is coming to Portland. Amazingly, I had the fee when the tickets went on sale. These tickets go fast! Needless to say, after floundering and floating in my career, I am coming to believe that I have what it takes to thrive and do the work I love. This is my first step. I am going to hang out with people like this! I am so lucky. And grateful for this lovely first step...

 A Superhero

A Life Artist

I've been reading her blog for years...

And the one starting all of the hoopla!

Washington D.C.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I had the pleasure of wondering through The National Gallery this spring. What a lovely gift to be graced with so much art. I could walk through these rooms for days and days and days...

Mary, Mary...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

quite contrary. How does your garden grow? Since moving to Portland, I have switched from growing food to growing flowers. I hate dealing with pests and I am in constant conflict with letting them live or blasting them to their death. The other major reason is the damn Beagle. That Beagle eats anything I plant. She has already eaten every ripe blueberry, golden raspberry and strawberry within her reach. Yesterday I caught her jumping up to the top branches at an attempt to reach the last juicy, tender and sweet golden raspberries. She has learned to shake the tomato pots to free ripe fruit into her gaping jaws. She will even take a stab at the chiles, last summer the garden was strewn with partially eaten peppers, Habaneros, Purple Peruvians, Giant Jalapenos. I only have so much elevated space...So, this year? This is how my garden grows...


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yesterday someone told it looked like I am hiding from the world. I think I am. I am okay with this right now, but I part of me thinks I need to make plans to visit the world. Is it okay to hide sometimes?

Looking Toward This

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My love and I are planning a little time away. I found this sweet little cottage and am so happy to be heading north. It is months away, to ensure some sun...It is still raining here and we just needed a little light at the end of the tunnel. Xo.

The Rainy Days of June

Monday, June 4, 2012

The sun has not risen for a few days. There is something inherently melancholic about this fact. Oh, yes, it has come up each day. I just have not seen it behind this thick layer of cloud cover. Today the clouds are pouring rain in a steady stream. Yes, I know this is why the Pacific Northwest is so lovely and green and lush. This is why the hop vines are trailing up and over the house, why the tomato plants are growing leaps and bounds every day. But THE SUN. I want the sun, I want it more than words can express. I cannot will the sun here, not with all of my might. I crave you, Dear Sun. Hear my cry.

The Sun

Have you ever seen
in your life
more wonderful
than the way the sun,
every evening,
relaxed and easy,
floats toward the horizon
and into the clouds or the hills,
or the rumpled sea,
and is gone--
and how it slides again
out of the blackness,
every morning,
on the other side of the world,
like a red flower
streaming upward on its heavenly oils,
say, on a morning in early summer,
at its perfect imperial distance--
and have you ever felt for anything
such wild love--
do you think there is anywhere, in any language,
a word billowing enough
for the pleasure
that fills you,
as the sun
reaches out,
as it warms you
as you stand there,
or have you too
turned from this world--
or have you too
gone crazy
for power,
for things?

The Waiting Place

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sweet Tea Vodka and a Paper Straw

The Grill is Grilling

Tissue Paper Garland

At least the Waiting Place has all of these pretty things to look at while I wait. Lots of people have been born this time of year, so there is a lot to celebrate. We grab the sun when we can get it and mourn it when it hides for days on end. The flowers are blooming, and when that happens, I guess I can't complain.


Long silences mean I was locked out of my blog. I'm back. More to come. Xoxo.