Some Thrifting And Thrifty Baking

Monday, April 11, 2011

The cute granny napkin is so darling. Plus, I like when there is a little black in the work. You do not usually see much black, so it is a treat to me. Two thumbtacks and Voila! Instant, handmade art for spring. The tulips are coming! The tulips are coming!

The cake looks good, no? This was made with my thrifty heart in mind. We had a couple of eggs, a box of vanilla cake mix from Trader Joe's, a wee bit of whipping cream and the dregs of two Bonne Maman jam jars. Blackberry and Raspberry, I think. I added the last of the whiskey into the cake batter, plus a bit more vanilla. For the whipped cream, I scraped two nearly empty jars of jam into the already whipped cream with a large dash of Almond Extract. No sugar needed. I chopped a few almonds for crunch. After the cake cooled a bit, I turned it onto a plate and stuck into the freezer for a bit. This way, I could frost it, but when I served it, the center part was still a bit warm. Very nice.

There is tons more thrifty goodness. Stay tuned.


Run Lori Run said...

I like thrifty goodness so I'll stay tuned... :)

Cake looks good, you did some creative baking!