Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everything is shifting, even in the corners of the house. Sad winter plants are perking up at the least bit of sun's rays. The creamer holds Creeping Thyme that has over-wintered quite nicely. Woke to fog, but hope the sun makes an appearance.


Run Lori Run said...

Spring is coming, hooray!

Circe said...

*sigh* You are lucky! Even though the light seems warmer at times, & often we are more than 10 degrees above freezing by midday, it sure feels wintry here! I was afraid to know what the Groundhog said this month, but hear by word of mouth & birdsong, its good news for us!

Still, the "evergreens" are even looking tired... more yellowy-green than forest green. However, I don't overwinter my creeping thyme; it usually comes back! Still, LOVE where you have yours.