Monday, August 16, 2010

has given me so much. The last few years have been rough. My entire life was dismantled, career, friends, reputation. Plus, I was recovering from an injury and surgery for much of this time. The injury was the catalyst for the dismantling. Then, my boy wanted a dog. He always wanted a dog, I was just too busy and worked too much and thought it would be unfair to the animal if we were gone all the time. Then the dismantling occurred and I found myself with long hours to fill. I figured this would be a good time to get him the dog he always wanted. I had time now. The thing is, the dog bonded with me...Oh, she loves the boy, but she and I? We are connected. We are connected in a way I never knew could happen with an animal. And truth be told? I like it. A lot.


The Yard Sale Girl said...

That dog is beautiful. If I were to ever get a dog I hope it would be just as cute. PS, I wish my sheets were made from fabric that looked like your blog background I love it. :-)

Terry Gallina said...

You've been busy sewing. Everything in the hen house looks so warm and inviting. Your little bed and breakfast is tempting.
I too never thought I would be mommy to a dog. Our girl, she is so fun to love and she will always love her mommy first.
Glad to see your having a great time with your new place. Miss you and Love you...