Busy Hands

Monday, July 26, 2010

My hands have been hiding inside, away from the heat and I have been sewing up a storm! I am not really a window treatment kind of girl. I like to look out onto the scenery, windows clear and open. My choice of window treatment is usually white. I have a romantic feeling about white curtains blowing in the breeze...

But, my love likes his privacy and so I set out to find us a compromise. I found all of this fabric at a consignment store here in Portland. It was $30 for a good big piece, more than my thrifty heart wanted to pay. In the end, it was enough for long, draping curtains, plus a little extra.

I wasn't in love with the fabric at the time of purchase. It just had a lot of the elements I was looking for, color, weight, style, etc. Now? I LOVE them. I sewed a little hot pink rik-rac on the edge for a little surprise. This way they look cute from the outside too! The fabric is just enough vintage for me. I left all edges raw, partly because I am a very lazy crafter and partly because I like it that way. I also like to finish a project beginning to end in less than one day.

Including mounting the 97cent hooks from Home Depot and an old curtain rod, sewing and washing the fabric, the project took about 1.5 hours...I am tickled that it looks a little like the curtains from Anthropologie that I really wanted...

Lots more sewing happening...Stay tuned.


Cassie said...

I love it! I have been looking for some beautiful fabric like that for about 6 monthes for my LVR curtains.... Great find and I approve of your quick project time ;p