Jeanne Oliver Designs-Be Still My Heart

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

These designs are so sweet and lovely!!! I think the floral tapestry bag should be mine. Now. Yesterday. Thank you very much.


Mel's Kitchen said...

Oh, yes- DREAMY! Thank you for sharing with us!

Is the bag you mean the one called "Sadie"? If so, you have brought a tear to my eye... my dear departed ultra artistic sister made a bag in the 60's, though smaller and in mostly greens, VERY like that one (sans flower- she used a piece of found wood and gorgeous ribbon for a toggle closure.)... I've kept it with me since I was a girl. LOVE it.

I was thinking of friendships tonight, what makes them, the magic of them... how there are different levels- the people you see frequently, those you are blessed by knowing, even if not knowing well, those who are more (or less) like you, those you aspire to be like...

I'm gratful for you, to "know" you this way, even if only here, and came on tonight specifically to let you know. I hope blessings are raining down on you, dear heart.


Circe said...

Okay so (no need to publish this!),2 things, (at least!):

Sleep deprivation and all the Blogger crashes over the past few days left me not realizing I was posting my comment under my Food Blog identity... so just in case you didn't realize who it/I was and it creeped you out that someone unknown to you and seemingly out of the blue (I should also add, extremely verbose!)sent you those comments... it was me! *sigh*

Which leads me to 2.) (or there abouts) After all the words, I didn't say directly what came on to say!

That I VALUE you and your spirit, and the way you share that with us... how your heart is so apparently linked with your creative part. My thoughts on Friendship had me thinking of what I cherish in relating to people and I thought of you.

And I guess I'll add #3- I'd love to hear about working with raw cacao! And though I've attempted to take avocado beyond it's tradition uses, I wouldn't count any of those attempts as "successes" just yet. I'd love to hear all about it!